Legging trends of 2017 and where to find them on a budget

Legging trends of 2017 and where to find them on a budget

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While the 80s rocket launched leggings into the fashion trend stratosphere, the 90s, as some of us might remember, took a more grungy approach.  At turn of the century the legging fought it’s way back into the limelight and thankfully, we might add, looks like it’s here to stay for the long haul.

But this simple swatch of spandex does not stand still for anyone and new trends emerge every season. We want to make sure you aren’t left in the dust of the hottest style but suggest you ditch the trending high prices that seem to be everywhere. We think it’s totally unreasonable to overpay for this everyday staple but demand they still do their job; move with you, hold you in all the right places; and make a statement.

If you want that on-trend style but can’t be bothered with those overpriced retailers, we are here to help you distinguish the overpriced from the priced right.

Trend: Black & White 

Save $80 on ALALA Leggings

Captain Crop Leggings by ALALA $105.00


No Meshing Around Macey by No Pain No Champagne $19.99 


Trend: Nature Inspired

Half Off Nature Inspired Leggings

Hear Me Roar Full Length Tight by Running Bare $82.26


Mother Nature Cuperly Legging in Palm by No Pain No Champagne $39.99


Trend: Bold Print

lululemon leggings for less

Wunder Under Low-Rise Tight Full-on Luxtreme by Lululemon $98.00


Santorini Cuperly in Jungle by No Pain No Champagne $34.99



Trend: Ombrè

Ohmmmbrè Piper Leggings

Rockell by VIE Active 7/8 $98


Ohmmmbrè Piper in Blue by No Pain No Champagne $18.99



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